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One-click rotoscoping

Rotoscoping made simple for you.

Rotoscoping tool doesn't need a hundred features. It just needs three things to get what you want.

Easy to use.
No installations, nothing to learn to use our tool. Videos are masked with just a few clicks.
We leverage GPU infrastrature and the cutting-edge web tech to deliver the outcome in most efficient ways.
Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, we deliver the quality output that you won't get elsewhere.

Simple 3 steps to rotoscoping your videos

No need to install anything on your device. Nothing to learn to use our tool. We need just a few clicks from you. We simply do the job in easiest way.

1. Upload

Drag and drop your video file. Uploading progress will be displayed until it is complete.

2. Click the foreground object to rotoscope

You click inside objects to rotoscope in your video and we apply state-of-the-art AI algorithms to clearly isolate the object.

3. Click the Propagate button

By clicking the Propagate button, the resulting mask will be applied across all frames in your video, making the entire video rotoscoped.

Frequently asked questions

How does the online rotoscoping tool work?

The online rotoscoping tool works by taking the user's click on a foreground object to create a mask. This mask is then propagated across all frames in the video, effectively isolating the foreground object and making the unmasked region transparent. This process is powered by AI technology.

What types of videos can I use with the online rotoscoping tool?

You can use a variety of video formats, including GIF, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, WEBM, and MPEG. We support these formats to ensure compatibility with a wide range of video files.

Is there a limit on the file size or duration of videos I can process?

Yes, there is a maximum file size limit of 2GB for videos that can be processed. For more information, please visit the pricing page.

Can I use the online rotoscoping tool for free, or is there a pricing structure?

We offer a free option that allows you to use the service. For more information, please visit the pricing page.

Is the process fully automated, or do I need to do any manual adjustments?

The process is semi-automated. Our AI technology handles the rotoscoping based on your initial click to select the foreground object. This ensures that you have control over the final result and can fine-tune the output according to your preferences.

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Compatible with your favorite tools

The resulting AI-edited videos are compatible with your favorite video editing softwares including Canva, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and iMovie so you can continue editing for your needs.

Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
After Effects

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